A landscape construction job photo after the initial prep was done. Texas Landscape & Design removed customers existing shrubs and grass. We then built up the beds with a quality compost blend of sand, manure and mulch to get beds ready for plants. Landscape fabric was then laid to help prevent future weeds from sprouts or being able to establish a root base. Finally, we add a beautiful single moss rock retainer wall with a few 400lb boulder accents. Not to mention a dry creek bed to help move the water from customers gutters with causing erosion to the new flower bed.


A finished landscape construction job photo with plants and new drip irrigation installed. Customer requested native plants that will not get overgrown over time. Some of the plants we used are Knock out Roses, Lantana and Bi color Iris grass. All plants were planted with a premium garden mix around the root ball which included 2 year aged leaf mold compost which will naturally feed the new plants longer than a standard granular fertilizer. This has a lesser environmental impact to your pets and other native animals. This project was presented to the customer with a color CAD drawing of the new landscape/irrigation design both promoting water conservation. Texas Landscape & Design believes everyone should do there part to lessen the carbon footprint we all make.