Conroe, TX

Conroe, TX

An existing home with erosion problems and gutter spickets creating exposed foundation problems. We installed an Antique Buff Pavestone Product which is commonly called Castlewall Stone. This stone features integrated lips along the underside to help keep the stone in place. We also tied in the gutters to French Drainage Pipe and ran it out along the bottom of the Retainer Wall as seen in the side photo. Customer’s front yard was very shaded so we installed an evergreen shrub call Chinese Mahonia that blooms a yellow flower and thrives in shaded areas. To step down the front row we installed Bulbine Grass along the stone border to add color and a unique look. Most grasses will do well in partial shaded areas. Along the side picture you will notice we installed Asian Jasmine to fill in and create a nice low maintenance ground cover. Customer requested we come back and install new St. Augustine for the front yard as well as a new sprinkler system. Both projects have been completed.

Side pic: IMAG0474.72192933_large

Front pic:IMAG0485.57164118_large



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March 18, 2016