Honea Egypt Rd., Montgomery, TX

Honea Egypt Rd., Montgomery, TX

A newly installed pool with no landscape backdrop. We tilled existing soil with a Aged Leaf Compost Mix to add nutrients to the existing soil. A backrow of Leather Leaf Viburnum was installed to give height and evergreen color. Frost Proof Gardenias were added to the second row in a staggered formation to add definition and color without too much height upon maturity. Finally, a curving row of Lantana was added for the front to offer a year round bloom for viewing. All plants used above are native and will provide years of viewing with less maintenance. Black Mulch was chosen to tie in the exotic look on the poolside.

After pic:IMAG0093.72190606_large

Before pic: IMAG0090.72190520_large


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March 18, 2016