Rabon Chapel Rd., Montgomery, TX

Rabon Chapel Rd., Montgomery, TX

Renovating an existing flowerbed that was full of St. Augustine and a few tired old shrubs. We completely tilled area close to April Sound and added some Organic Leaf Compost Mix to help enrich the soil. We brought in Moss Rock Stackers to create a border for our new flower bed. We installed a Dry Creek Bed in front to cut down on the maintenance of cutting the grass. We placed two Moss Rock Boulders centered to create some curb appeal. Plants we used as follows: Lantana (purple and yellow), Knock Out Roses, and Iris Grass behind the Boulders. These few native plants will insure the customer has color throughout the majority of the year and will not overgrow the area . Commercial Landscape Fabric was used over entire area to ensure no future weeds would inhabit the newly designed flowerbed. The existing gutter was tied into a French Drainage pipe and ran out to side of the Moss Rock Retainer Wall to prevent future erosion problems.

Site prep pic: rabon_chapel_before.9471756_large


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March 18, 2016